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ELITE Evo­lu­tion Series Simulator

The ELITE Evo­lu­tion series ranges from EASA approved FNPT and BITD train­ers to FAA-approved AATD and CASA-certified Level B FSD2 sim­u­la­tors for fixed wing and rotary air­craft. Evo­lu­tion sys­tems are the most cost-effective, high qual­ity devices avail­able in today.

Whether for fixed wing Gen­eral Avi­a­tion air­craft, ver­sa­tile twin-engine tur­bine air­craft or for rotary wing air­craft, ELITE cov­ers a very wide range of air­craft types to suit indi­vid­ual pilot’s needs.

The Evo­lu­tion range fea­tures mod­u­lar, con­vert­ible, upgrade­able desk­top and visual sys­tems up to full cock­pit envi­ron­ments and FTDs for air­lines, col­leges, cor­po­rate flight depart­ments, flight schools and universities.

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Cessna G1000
King Air B200 iGate
S623T Heli­copter
MH350 Heli­copter
TH100 Heli­copter
Heli­copter Flight Con­trol Unit



  • May 27, 2015 - Colorado Heli-Ops & ELITE TH22 Featured in Vertical
  • Read the full arti­cle from Ver­ti­cal here In addi­tion to secur­ing FAA approvals for its scenario-based train­ing, Col­orado Heli-Ops recently acquired an Elite TH22 flight train­ing device. “We are happy to see this all com­ing together, next on our list, and right around the cor­ner, are more options for our vet­er­ans,” said Den­nis Pierce, owner/operator of Col­orado Heli-Ops. […]

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    GPS Update

    WAAS NAV data update

    Update your ELITE Core & Premium Version 8.6, PCATD, BATD and AATD software containing the virtual WORLDWIDE Garmin 430 WAAS GPS data with current GPS Data.

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